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Abstract Geometric Shapes
Box Composition

Week 2

This is my idea for redoing the first shadow box. Using a monitor as a background for the shadow box.

Colorful Notebooks

Week 3

This is my first Blue shadow box. It got inspiration from Joseph Cornell, he made the shadow boxes by combining everything that he found in his mom's garage and putting it together inside a box. I really admire his idea and wanted to make a shadow box too. Combining everything that I learned from art making, and putting it together in this Blue Shadow Box. The purpose of this box is to look from the inside out.

These are the shadow boxes from Joseph Cornell

String Lights in Jar

Week 4

Christmas Lights

After finishing the Blue shadow box, I intended to make a second shadow box. This is my idea of making the second shadow box.

Parallel Lines

Week 5

This week, I tried to finish up the tree's wire sculpture that I'm going to put inside my second shadowbox. Picture one to four is my process of how to make the sculpture.

Colorful Lights

Week 6

I found these fairytale led lights around my house and combined it with the tree's sculpture. Creating this beautiful led light tree.

This is the base of the tree's sculpture. It would create different lighting for the box, so when the audience glances at it, they would get curious and want to come closer to see it.

Abstract Blue Light

Week 7

I finished laser cutting the boxes for the second Shadowbox. Then combined the tree's sculpture with the led lights base.

Blue Skies

Week 8

This is the finished product for my second Shadowbox( White Shadowbox). I intended to make this box with the purpose of looking from the outside in, by doing this, the audiences/ viewers have a chance to come closer to look at it. This second box is inspired from Passing Winter by Yayoi Kusama.

This is the Passing Winter by Yayoi Kusama.


Week 2:

   -Working on the box and combine with the monitor(background)-First box

   -Brainstorming ideas for the second box

   -presenting working progress presentation

​Week 3:

   -Finishing up the first box and checking if everything working normally

   -Working on the design for the second box and laser cut them when I have the design finish

   -Ordering items online for the second box such as led lights 

Week 4:

   -Finishing up the led lights for the second box and testing it

   -Prepare for the midterm presentation 

Week 5:

   -Edit the website

   -Use feedback and continue working on the project/ midterm presentation

Week 6:

   -Preparing the space for the exhibition and talking more about what I want to do for the exhibition.

   -Continue working on the second box and fixing things that need to be fixed. 

   - Mid-term presentation continue if I didn’t present in week 5

Week 7:

    -Working on the space that I need for the exhibition and planning.

   -Individual meetings, showing my project, and using classmates' & professors’ feedback to edit the project. 

Week 8:

   -Final presentation due, website should be ready to present to everyone.

   -Readjust my projects and check if all the led lights working.

   -Checking the codes and Arduino prototypes.

Week 9:

   -Continue with the Final presentation. 

   -Checking the wires, and Arduino boards multiple times and making sure everything functions.

Week 10:

   -Last week before the shows, everything is due

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